Thursday, January 22, 2015


i recently agreed with a  homeless man about the governments ability to read our minds and effect it with certain frequencies.  I’m not sure how, but its most likely true.  if stem cell research exists god knows how many people have obsessed and devoted their entire life to tapping into the human metaphysical map.  the string of thoughts that statistically lead to every action.  think slow and be slow, be accessed slow.  think fast and be a stream of commands typed into the new machine of human decline.  if we are in charge, how come we are desensitized to the true poverty? they would appreciate and take advantage of any learning or connection. is this because they are so low on the totem pole that they are not a part of the tree of human being.  i just don’t know if they can see through my eyes, after every dynamic opposing hunch or thought. my mind disagrees instantly claiming the societal belief of mental illness.  i’m just delusion ally paranoid.  they’d rather focus the energy of my thoughts on hurting myself or nodding to authority than me thinking outside the box and freeing my own beating humanity. this computer exists and is sold through them.  they are using my hands.  a knock on my door, they are here. to shut this up.

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