Friday, September 26, 2014


health droplets picked up along the way by injecting canisters of liquid to the guts.  I had a umbilical cord modification to feed without my mouth.  open, insert twist.  sometimes the connection isn't tight and it spurts hot bile on my hands which burns and smells for days after.  i lace up my sticky sap covered boots to pile my shit up the mountain hoping to get to the other side.  the way up is still slippery from the dirty snow.  its not how i used to know it.  glazed in feeces and colored blood red in some spots with an led glow to it.  my consciousness is skipping. i watch these bones wrapped in skin with the strangest part the face which creates some sort of translation of what the body feels.  my eyes are dead.  no literally my right eye has dryed up and makes a crunch as the crust flakes off like dandruff every time i look a direction.  my left eye sees but its blurry and things vibrate or my eye vibrates.  i click my belt on a holster full of aerosol protective spray, poison antedate and my vice, 8 canisters of what i feed my stomach. lock and load the road is long.

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