Tuesday, May 27, 2014

goodbye summer

I woke up straddling the curb and a bright light in my face, last thing i remember i was hassling kids at the beach because they were in the place i planned on sleeping for the night.  The policemen asked what I was doing i said "trying to get your attention"  he was a fat mustached asshole, that called in reinforcements.  within the next 5 minutes there were 8 other cops surrounding me..   I had no where to go and the person I was meeting had left me hanging I said TEN o clock.  thats what you get for fucking with another mans girl.  the cops told me they would take me where i needed to go , but i had no where to go and no one to see.  my phone was dead, therefor the extenuation of my brain that held information was dead and unreachable.  I was telling them to take me to 7 eleven and one of them said times up and wiped my cheek to the asphalt and i heard and felt the cuffs click.
I was in their zone now. I was arrested.   I sat in the cop car as I watched them go through the contents of my backpack which was now my temporary home.  

Jail was shit.  I was in booking and the only thing to look forward to were junkies coming in and getting their food they wouldn't eat.  I had only one competitor for the food.  and it was a 50 year old professional junkie.  We were cool though.  I remember in booking I was saying I WASNT READ MY RIGHTs, and this power hungry bitch kept saying "this isn't law and order"  I replied saying "ii'v seen every episode." 

While I was there my mother decided it was a good idea to call in and say I was suicidal telling them about my youtube videos.  fuck.  Now i was really stuck up the ass and in the worst hell she knows is not good for me.   

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